Destinations Epidaurus

Gialasi Coast
Being located at the coastal area of Gialasi, our Homes are only 5minutes away on foot from the sea and 8 minutes to the Aigialos beach; where you can enjoy your day at the organized beach and taste great local food cooked by the owner, Katerina.
Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
It takes 20 minutes by car to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. Our guests could visit the most famous and best reserved Ancient theater of Asklepios, where you can still enjoy plays as they used to be played in Ancient Greece to honor the Gods.
Little Theater of Epidaurus
Desa Green Homes are 20 minutes away on foot from the Little Theater of Epidaurus as well as from the village and all the local tavernas by the Ancient Epidaurus port
The Sunken City
It is only a 10 minutes walk from the sunken city, which can be viewed either by walking along the coast or by snorkeling as it is in shallow waters and therefore easily visible