Exciting three days for Zina Koutselinis and her “Truths with Zina” team, in the ecological houses “Desa Green Homes”, in the magical area of ​​Ancient Epidaurus!

The owner of “Desa Green Homes” Despoina Dimos, welcomed in her ecological homes, a model for Greek standards, the beloved presenter Zina Koutselinis as well as the entire editorial team of the show “Truths with Zina”, in an enchanting three days, with many moments of fun and relaxation! The guests spent time by the pool enjoying healthy snacks from privately grown products that grow in the estate’s environmentally friendly garden, as well as refreshing smoothies-cocktails offered by the residences’ bar. The television team left behind the demanding rhythms of Athens for a while and relaxed in the luxurious facilities and the private Jacuzzi of the ecological residences “Desa Green Homes”. In the evenings they had fun in the picturesque port of Epidaurus, while they did not fail to taste unique local dishes.

“Desa Green Homes” are located in the enchanting area of ​​ancient Epidaurus, where the sound of birds dominates and tranquility comes as a natural consequence. The green residences combine ecological hospitality with Affordable Luxury, providing a healthy stay, close to nature, fresh homemade snacks with seasonal vegetables and fruits from their organic garden, outdoor seating, barbecue, Jacuzzi and fast car charging station! Many people from Greece and abroad prefer the idyllic destination to experience “luxury country living” and spend an unforgettable and relaxing stay!

Yours sincerely,
“Beautiful People” PR Events
Haris Sianidis

Press Release: NDP Photo Agency